Security Guards, Your Children, And Their School: How You Can Make It Happen

Posted on: 12 October 2016

If your children have been the targets of bullies at school, and you think you have had enough, you could hire a security guard to follow your children around (or a security guard to follow each child). While this may be a little extreme, it may be right solution to a problem that the school district is not resolving to your satisfaction. Security guards and body guards are already allowed in private schools, and security guards are part of every day in some public schools. There are a few hurdles to overcome, but here is how a security guard to prevent bullying may work for you and your children and how you can make it happen.

Document the Number of Times Your Child Has Been Bullied

For every time that your child has been bullied, hurt, or come home crying, document it. This is your leverage and your argument against the school that should be protecting him or her. Make copies of these incidents and present them to the District Superintendent. If nothing is done to correct the situation or if the situation is not fixed to your satisfaction, let the superintendent know that you will be hiring a security guard to keep tabs on your child while he or she is at school. 

Hire the Security Guard to Stand Watch in the Hallways, on the Playground, and in the Lunchroom

When bullies attack, they often pick the times when kids are left to their own devices. This includes hallways between class periods for older kids, on the playground for younger kids, and in the lunchroom when the lunchroom supervisors/teachers are not paying attention. Since the security guard is there to focus on your child's safety alone, the security guard can catch the bullying before it starts and alert school officials or supervisors.

Getting Around the Confidentiality Issue

Most schools have a confidentiality code. This means that no non-staff personnel or non-parents may be in the building and observing the children at any time. Since you cannot "helicopter-parent" and be at the school in person, the security guard is an extension of your person. He or she is bound by the same confidentiality code as long as he/she is present and working. If the school takes issue with this, you can take up the issue with the school board and then get permission. If this does not work, legal action almost always does, and then the security guard would either be allowed or the district would finally do something to prevent bullying and protect your child(ren).

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