Ensuring That Your Industry Trade Show Goes Off Without A Hitch

Posted on: 28 October 2016

When planning a trade show, small or large, a lot of planning is needed to keep attendees happy while honoring your agreement with the facility owner. Trade shows generally attract large crowds and encompass a number of activities and events, so you'll want to look into hiring on a security team if you want to uphold your reputation. To host a memorable trade show that has members of your industry inquiring about the date of the next event, make sure that you are organized, maintain order and ensure that your attendees are always kept safe.

Safeguarding Trade Show Attendees

During industry, recreational, and niche trade show events, attendees enjoy having the freedom to walk around and mingle at will. Even if you have rented a facility to host your event, there will still be some areas with restricted access. Members of your trade show security team should be aware of what entrances need to be guarded in an effort to prevent guests from breaching access to restricted areas.

In addition to ensuring that your trade show attendees stay within unrestricted areas, realize that you are ultimately responsible for the behavior and well being of everyone at your event. When it comes time to lock up the premises for the day, have security do a complete sweep of the area so that no one is accidentally left behind and locked in.

Securing Trade Show Booths

If you intend on having vendors, know in advance how trade show booths are going to be organized and secured. Vendors will need access to the premises before attendees arrive so that they can setup their booths appropriately. Having a well through out plan so that your security is able to check credentials and lead vendors, staff and guests to the proper designated areas.

Hosts of multi-day trade shows also have to contend with securing the contents of trade show vendor booths when they are not in use. You can use a combination of surveillance and trained security personnel to keep the risk of theft down.

Controlling Entrance to Your Trade Show

Whether your trade show is going to run over the course of a few days or just a few hours, spectators and passersby are going to take notice. Unfortunately there are always going to be a select few people that attempt to gain entrance to private events such as trade shows simply because they are curious.

Posting signs, securing doors, and requiring event attendees to wear distinctive badges can help to keep unauthorized visitors out, but what happens when a trespasser becomes uncooperative? Hiring trade show security will allow you to immediately deescalate confrontations with trespassers, minimizing risk to yourself, your staff, and paying attendees.