Never Become Complacent With Cyber Identity Security

Posted on: 28 October 2016

Feeling bored with a particular mundane task might lead someone to simply take things too casually and not put the right effort into handling responsibilities with an appropriate level of care. Such an attitude can be disastrous when it comes to computer security, yet the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has discovered many people are embodying "security fatigue." Getting out of a such rut is a must for those who are putting themselves at risk for identity theft and hacking due to unsafe browsing and computer behavior.

Rather than fall victim to security fatigue, those who wish to avoid computer breaches and identity theft should:

Read Up on Security News

One of the best ways to stay motivated to take action with computer security is to carefully read news on the subject. The FBI has recently issued a warning that cybersecurity should always be taken seriously due to the potential horrors resulting from a data breach. Complacency often comes from constantly never changing a perspective. Those who perform the same tasks day in and day out on a computer might never experience a problem. "Mental complacency" develops in the form of a belief that no serious security breaches are even possible. Coming across news updates and warnings about risks could shock some into taking security more seriously.

Follow Simple Suggested Advice

Within news reports, there are helpful bits of advice capable of enhancing basic security. The Director of the FBI has even suggested taping up the access point on a webcam as a simple security measure. Scoffing at such a simple step is unwise. A malicious code that records webcam activity could be recording hand movements on the keyboard. All those recorded images could serve as a keystroke logger, which may lead to accessing passwords and other sensitive info. While computer users are becoming a bit lax, hackers and identity thieves are consistently upping their game to breach sensitive info. When basic advice on how to deal with intrusions is published, taking immediate steps to follow and implement the advice would be more than prudent.

Take Advantage of Free Help

Computer service shops routinely offer free computer checkups and estimates. Anyone who has not taken diligent steps to maintain computer security should quickly visit a computer service shop and take advantage of any free services. Even those who are not experiencing any obvious performance options would be wise to do so. A thorough manual scan could uncover a hidden — and dangerous — program. Upon discovering the program, the computer security team can perform removal services and also install better, upgraded security programs.

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