Protect Your Business Investments

Posted on: 15 September 2021

Your manufacturing facility's environment may contain expensive machinery, shipping and receiving hardware and software, and a series of office-related equipment. The threat of theft to a large business constitutes using a security plan that includes constant monitoring and the active use of access control and surveillance devices.

The Layout

If you haven't inspected your facility lately and have invested in some new machinery within the last year or two, the current surveillance equipment that you have may not adequately record footage of areas where vandalism or theft could occur. If there are sections within your facility's warehouse or office that do not contain an organized layout, consider moving more expensive equipment into one defined area within each of these spaces. This will limit the amount of new monitoring equipment that you may need to invest in.

Access control will limit the number of people who are allowed within an area. Placing high-tech equipment inside of a room that contains a locked door and that will require a code or a key to gain entry will protect your largest investments. If some of your employees will need to use this equipment during their working hours, either grant them the code or unlock the door for them at the start of their shifts.

Multiple Security Measures

Relying solely upon surveillance equipment or an access control unit may not deter some criminals from committing an act of violence, vandalism, or theft. Using multiple security measures that cover the exterior and interior premises will provide your property with additional protection. A locking gate, outdoor cameras, and device profiling can be integrated into your security plan.

Upon approaching the premises, a locked gate will slow down someone from gaining immediate access to the facility. If they are caught on camera and appear to be tampering with the lock or attempting to climb the gate, there may be enough time for you or your security team to respond to the threat.

Device profiling involves recording what types of devices are connected to your internet source. Anyone who works at your facility can be required to furnish information about the phone, tablet, or computer models that they will be actively using while working. This information can be kept on a master sheet that is kept in a safe place. If you or a manager notices that someone is using the internet that wouldn't normally have access to it, a further investigation into the situation can be taken.

For more information, contact a company that provides manufacturing facility security systems.