Benefits Of Providing Your Hospitality Staff With Panic Buttons

Posted on: 5 January 2022

If you run a hospitality-oriented business such as a hotel, it's important to always be aware of the technology-based devices that can be useful in your industry. One such product is a panic button system. Upon purchasing this system, you'll have your staff members — housekeepers, in particular — wear panic buttons. Should one of them encounter a dangerous situation, they can simply press the button to alert your security or front desk staff, who can then render assistance. There are several benefits of providing your hotel's staff with panic buttons, including the following.

Increased Safety

The biggest benefit of having a panic button system in place is that it will make your hotel's staff much safer when they're on the job. Without this system, a hotel guest or trespasser could theoretically assault one of your staff members in a locked room without anyone else being aware of the incident. Such a scenario would be dramatically different if the staff member were carrying a panic button. A quick tap of the button would be enough to summon security personnel to the room in question, where they'd be able to quickly intervene and end the assault.

Hiring Ease

When you interview people for housekeeping positions at your hotel, one of the things that candidates might want to know is how safe their work environment will be. When you have a panic button system in place, you'll be proud to tell people about it. This may help you to hire candidates with more ease. For example, if a candidate is evaluating a job offer at your hotel and at a property that doesn't have a panic button system, there's a good chance that they'd rather take the position at your property because they'd feel a higher sense of safety at work. If you've occasionally found hiring people to be a challenge, the implementation of this system may make this process easier.

Investigative Help

In the event of an assault or other incident at your hotel, your panic button system can provide valuable data to the local authorities during the investigation and eventual prosecution of the assailant. For example, when a staff member presses their button, the system will log the exact location of the staff member in your building. Should the incident move from one room to another, prompting the staff member to press the button again, the system will log this detail. These details can help to back up your staff member's verbal claims and, ideally, help to create a strong legal case against the assailant. Learn more about panic button systems for hospitality staff online.