Private Investigation Services: What They Offer

Posted on: 21 March 2022

Numerous different reasons validate hiring a private investigator. First, these detectives have the training required to gather reliable information helpful in facilitating thorough investigations. Plus, they use various tools and resources, including arousal-based lie detection tools and cognitive-based lie detection, to decipher the truth in a complicated case. Besides, private investigation companies guarantee anonymity, and they perform their duties without any bias. Not to forget, private detectives offer many services. These include:

1.       Crime scene investigation

As the name suggests, a crime scene investigation involves scrutinizing a particular area associated with a committed crime. These locations mainly offer investigators potential evidence they can use to unravel proceedings. Although most law enforcers come with their detectives, hiring a private investigator is highly advisable. That is so because the second pair of eyes can help absolve you from otherwise false charges. Several factors can lead to false accusations, including an intentionally lying accuser or faulty techniques of law enforcement agency detectives. On the other hand, if you are the accuser or victim, a private investigator will thoroughly analyze the crime scene and increase the chances of apprehending the criminal.

2.       Fraud investigation

Did you know that in 2020, various entities reported 4.8 million credit card fraud and identity theft cases to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)? That proves this type of case is more commonplace than most people think. If any financial fraud has affected your company, be it a seller misrepresenting assets, an employee paying or receiving kickbacks, bribes, and illegal political funds, or a colleague fraudulently selling products to a client, hire a private investigator. This expert will conduct an in-depth accounting and audit review, interview the suspects, and perform thorough background checks. And you can use their reports to seek justice for the fraud's direct costs or prevent your company from sinking deeper into the issue. Moreover, trained detectives can spot potential red flags by examining court records and personal or credit histories.

3.       Missing person locates

According to statistics, 600,000+ people of all ages go missing in the United States annually. The sad news is local authorities never find some of these missing persons. The reason is, sometimes, individuals disappear voluntarily. In addition, some become impossible to find because they were involved in crimes, accidents, or deaths in places that are hard to trace. Besides, some people wander into wild areas and fall off cliffs or ravines that search parties can't pinpoint. But private investigation service providers have trained and experienced personnel at their disposal. You can use them to trace or find your loved ones in situations local authorities can't tackle.

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