Reasons to Hire a Fire Watch Guard

Posted on: 22 April 2022

Most business owners hire fire watch guards to provide enhanced security services in case of a fire breakout. These guards are usually trained professionals capable of preventing the fire from spreading, causing property damage and risk to customers and employees. Here are the top reasons you should hire a fire watch security guard.

Help You Stay Compliant

Professional fire watch security guard services inspect commercial premises for areas prone to fire risks. They also make sure the building's fire safety equipment and measures are functioning properly. Therefore, fire guards ensure your business meets your state's fire and safety compliance requirements. 

Offer Protection During a Fire Breaks Out

Fire disasters occur when you least expect them. As a result, people panic and start running in all directions, creating more chaos. Fortunately, having fire watch guards on-site ensures timely and safe evacuation of employees and customers from the building. Additionally, fire watch guards are trained firefighters and can help put off the fire, preventing extensive property damage. 

Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm and Water Systems

If you rely on fire alarms and the sprinkler system to safeguard your business, it is essential that you carry out routine maintenance. Fire alarms send a warning in the event of a fire breakout for the fire watch guards to take immediate action. Fire watch security guard services help with the maintenance and replacement of failing fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

Offer Fire Patrol Around the Clock

Fire watch guards monitor the entire building and keep everyone safe from fire accidents. They ensure there are no possible risks like faulty wiring that can lead to fire hazards. Monitoring potential risks that can lead to fire accidents helps keep your business premises safe. 

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your fire watch security guard services have access to vacant lots, electrical wiring points, and other areas prone to fire accidents. The experts can detect any materials or situations that pose a threat and tackle it accordingly to mitigate potential risks.

Maintaining Records

Fire watch guards also maintain a record of items prone to fire and where they are located. They also hold routine maintenance records required by local authorities as evidence of fire and safety compliance.

A fire watch security guard adds value to your business. They ensure you stay compliant and offer professional patrolling,  fire and water system replacement and maintenance services, and protection during a fire breakout.