The Pros And Cons Of Unarmed Security Guards

Posted on: 24 August 2023

Security is paramount for any business or property, and hiring security guards is a common solution. However, the decision between hiring armed or unarmed security guards can be a challenging one. Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring unarmed security guards.

Pros of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

1. Cost-Effective: Unarmed guards typically cost less than their armed counterparts. They require less training, and their insurance premiums are lower due to the reduced risk associated with not carrying a weapon.

2. Lower Liability Risk: Unarmed guards pose less of a liability risk. The use of weapons, even in self-defense, can lead to legal complications. With unarmed guards, this risk is significantly decreased.

3. More Approachable: Unarmed guards often appear more approachable to staff, clients, or residents. The absence of a visible weapon can create a more relaxed environment while still providing a security presence.

4. Ideal for Low-Risk Environments: For businesses or properties with a low risk of violent crime, unarmed security guards offer sufficient protection. They can effectively handle duties like access control, patrolling, and reporting suspicious activities.

Cons of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

1. Limited Deterrence: While the presence of any security guard can act as a deterrent, armed guards may provide a stronger deterrent against potential criminals. Unarmed guards might not be as intimidating to someone with intent to cause harm.

2. Less Effective in High-Risk Situations: In high-risk environments or situations, unarmed guards may be less effective. They may not be equipped to handle violent crimes or armed intruders as effectively as armed guards.

3. Dependence on External Help: In the event of serious security threats, unarmed guards will have to rely on calling the police for assistance. This could potentially increase the response time during critical moments.

The decision to hire unarmed security guards largely relies on the specific requirements and circumstances of your business or property. For low-risk environments, unarmed guards can provide sufficient security, create a welcoming atmosphere, and save on costs. However, for locations with a higher risk of violent crime, the limited deterrence and dependence on external help can be significant drawbacks.

It's crucial to assess your security needs thoroughly before making a decision. Consulting with a professional security firm can provide valuable insights into the best security solutions for your specific situation.

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